What currency is used on hometoheather.com? All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars. After check out (this site uses Square or Paypal at your choice) the currency conversion will be handled for you.

Where do you ship? – Currently, I am shipping across Canada and the United States only. All vintage items are shipped via Canada Post. Some new decor items are printed, manufactured and shipped from the USA. Should you require shipping to another location please contact me for a shipping quote. You can read more about shipping HERE.

Will Vintage things even be usable? – Yes! In most cases I’ll let you know if an item can be used as intended, or if it should be re-purposed for decoration only. All vintage items are in used condition. I do my best to point out any and all flaws but I can’t guarantee brand new condition – these are items that were made 20, 30 or more years ago. Please spend time reading the descriptions AND reviewing all available photos prior to purchasing. If you have questions or would like to see more photos please let me know, I’m happy to oblige.

Will Vintage things be dirty? – Kitchen items are washed in hot water and dish soap prior to being made available for sale. I do not put items in the dishwasher as it is often advised not to for fear of damaging the finish. Linens are washed in scent free detergent and Oxy clean (where appropriate) before sale. Linens are then ironed with spray starch.

I prefer cotton. Do you know what every item is made of?  The term “Linens” is used in the general sense as I often do not know what the exact make up of the fabric is for vintage items. If an item still has tags with the info included, I’ll include that in the item listing. New home decor items will have the material make up listed.

Are your items allergen free? – We do have pets in this home, as well, I can’t say where or how the items were stored prior to being acquired for sale here. If you have severe allergies, maybe previously loved goods aren’t advisable however, I do my best to send items out in clean condition. I wouldn’t want to receive dust in the mail so I won’t send it to you!

What size is this? – Dimensions and weights are estimated for shipping purposes but most of the time I will add measurements of the item in the descriptions. If you require exact measurements please email me I’m always happy to do a double check if measurements are crucial.